Respite care for children with special needsA common question we receive at Best Home Care is “Can I hire a PCA to provide care for my child?” The answer to this question is: Yes! Many people view in-home care as a service only available to seniors, when the truth is that children with physical disabilities or developmental delays benefit greatly from home care as well.

As a parent, caring for your child can be quite taxing. In addition to an already busy life, your parental duties seem to multiply as you work to satisfy many needs. Most parents are proud to help their kids, often going to extremes to provide the best care possible. However, the accompanying stress can have a negative effect on a parent’s professional and personal lives. Below are some indicators that respite care may be a good option for you and your child:

  • You routinely miss work to care for your child
  • Your relationships with friends and family have become strained
  • You’re unable to find time to run errands or take care of things outside the home
  • Your child has difficulty focusing in school or requires assistance to complete basic daily activities

Best Home Care’s personal care assistants receive extensive PCA training and are prepared to work with children of all ages. While the needs of each specific family differ, here are some examples of children that may benefit from PCA services:

  • Kids with ADHD and other mental disorders
  • Children suffering from physical disabilities
  • Students with various learning disorders
  • Children and young adults living with autism

Our personal care assistants take great pride in providing respite care for children with special needs. Every parent wants what is best for their children, and we encourage learning as much as you can about respite services and exploring the various care options. Please contact us if you have any questions about respite care for children or our PCA services.