home health care for dementia patients

Recognizing when to take the plunge into personal care services can be difficult for many older individuals and their loved ones. In-home care may be viewed as unnecessary, an overreaction to a recent health issue, or even as a threat. If you believe a parent or loved one could benefit from home health services, it is important to have a meaningful conversation to educate them on the ways a personal care assistant could improve their quality of life.

However, this is often easier said than done. Some seniors will recognize the additional risks that come with age and appreciate the benefits of home health care. Others may initially reject the idea as an unwanted addition to their life and a danger to their dignity. When introducing the idea of home care, remember to:

  • Be honest: Do not try to make a decision for them or deceive them into agreeing – truthfully explain why this is best option for their situation.
  • Be patient: Give them time to get used to the idea of at-home care. They likely have many questions and need some time to make a decision.
  • Be persistent: Though patience is vital, it is important to actively pursue a decision – especially when health and safety concerns are a factor.
  • Be knowledgeable: Research personal care services and use that information in your conversation. Excellent home care resources include:

o   Best Home Care

o   MN Department of Health

The decision to start personal care services for a parent can be challenging, but the advantages and peace of mind you and your family member gain are significant. Best Home Care is ready to help answer any questions you may have about in-home supportive services or to provide suggestions on how to talk with seniors. Contact us and begin the process of receiving quality home care for you or your loved one today!