What Does a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Actually Do?

August 7, 2020By Best CarePCA Caregivers

Today, we’re walking through what a PCA’s daily duties look like. If you’re new to caregiving lingo, we’ll start with the basics: “PCA” stands for “Personal Care Assistant.”  Read on for more details about what a PCA does, the type of training you can expect to receive on your journey to becoming a Personal Care … Read More

Finding a Family Caregiver Support Group

August 3, 2020By Best CarePCA Caregivers

As a family caregiver, you spend your days taking care of those around you, but it’s important that you take care of yourself, too! Finding a caregiver support group, especially one geared towards family caregivers, can be an excellent outlet for the stressors of your daily life.  In today’s blog, we’re digging into how to … Read More

Communicating with Senior Loved Ones at a Distance

July 24, 2020By Best CareSenior Home Care

Building relationships across generations is challenging in today’s climate of social distancing. Many older people are vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus and are self-quarantining to avoid increased exposure. But this also presents a unique opportunity for creating connections. Today, we’re going to explore methods of virtual communication between grandparents and their grandchildren. Whether you live … Read More

Diabetes Home Care Guide

July 17, 2020By Best CareAdult Home Care

Diabetes is a common disease in which the body cannot adequately produce a hormone called insulin. This results in elevated glucose levels and an abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates. Diabetics must routinely measure their blood sugar and carefully manage their diets and medications.  A personal care assistant or home health aide can be helpful in managing … Read More

Tips for Helping Seniors Use Technology

July 10, 2020By Best CareAdult Home Care

We’ve previously written about how to help seniors adjust to using new technologies. Besides practicing patience, it’s important to minimize a lot of techy jargon when teaching seniors how to use their smartphones or other devices.  Today’s blog goes a bit deeper and explores two technological advances that could make life easier for your senior … Read More

Person-Centered Care: The Compassionate Way to Provide Home Care

June 18, 2020By Best CareHome Care

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ― Margaret Mead Becoming a caregiver is a compassionate and often selfless choice. One topic that Best Care covers in training Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) is the concept of “person-centered care.” In today’s post, we’re going to … Read More

How to Protect Immunocompromised People During COVID-19

June 5, 2020By Best CareHome Care

As stay-at-home orders begin to lift, protecting individuals with weakened immune systems remains a top priority. According to USF Health, it’s possible that COVID-19 is more severe when contracted by someone in the immunosuppressed population. Until a reliable vaccine is developed and widely distributed, immunocompromised individuals should be extra careful.  Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) are … Read More

Caring for Seniors From a Distance

May 29, 2020By Best CareSenior Home Care

Many people live in close proximity to their senior relatives—perhaps in the same city, neighborhood, or even home—but many do not. You may live across the state or country from your loved one, yet you still want to make sure they are receiving quality care.  If you can’t be physically present with your parents or … Read More