Home Care For People Suffering From Bipolar Disorder

January 12, 2012By Best CareAdolescent Home Care, Adult Home Care

Bipolar disorder affects everyone slightly differently. With the right healthcare considerations, medications and lifestyle changes, many people with bipolar disorder can manage to live successfully and independently. For some people, however, seeking home care services is a helpful step that helps keep their lives on track and running smoothly. Personal care services for individuals with … Read More

Meeting the Challenges of Caring For A Loved One with Dementia

January 11, 2012By Best CareSenior Home Care

Dementia is a progressive, debilitating condition of the mind and body. It is present in Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases. Dementia affects memory, learning, attention and problem solving abilities. It is important for caregivers to have support and information in meeting these needs. As much as two-thirds of people with this condition are cared for … Read More

What are PCA Services?

December 9, 2011By Best CareVideo Library

PCA Services are a type of Home Care Service that helps people with their non-medical healthcare needs at home. This video gives general overview of what PCA Services are and the types of activities PCA Services help people with.