Recognizing the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

June 15, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer affects roughly 5.8 million Americans and that number will likely increase in future years. The disease typically affects individuals 65 and older, and those with a family history of the condition. To help raise awareness this month, we wanted to share some helpful information … Read More

How to Help Clients Reduce Joint Pain

June 7, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

Caregiving can introduce you to many different types of ailments that prevent individuals from living independently. Some reasons why loved ones may require senior homecare is due to arthritis, injury, or chronic join pain. There are many effective ways you can help reduce chronic joint pain and help your homecare clients find relief. Remember to … Read More

Ready to Start Homecare Services?

May 17, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

There are many benefits of receiving homecare services. You get to enjoy the comfort of your own home while receiving quality support to perform daily tasks from a loved one or experienced PCA (personal care assistant). But how does the process of getting started with PCA services begin? In this week’s post, we’d like to … Read More

When and How to File a PCA Complaint

May 10, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

Finding the best PCA (personal care assistant) for you or your loved one isn’t always an easy process. While Best Home Care works diligently to match the right home caregivers for our clients, we also make the process of filing a complaint about a PCA who is not performing up to standards stress free. Whether … Read More

Does Medicare Pay for Homecare Services?

April 26, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care, Veteran Care

Starting homecare services can bring up a few questions. In fact, one of the biggest concerns many individual’s face is how to pay for at-home care. For those covered by Medicare, you may be wondering if these services are covered under your program. While Medicare itself does not cover all homecare services, it’s possible that … Read More

Tips for Healthy Meal Planning with Your Home Care Client

March 22, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

Providing the best homecare services involves much more than simply helping clients perform daily tasks. Many recipients of home care are looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle, and as a personal care assistant (PCA), you can contribute to helping your clients make such changes. The easiest way to start creating healthy habits is … Read More

How Can I Apply to Become a PCA?

March 15, 2019By Best CareSenior Home Care

Caring for another individual can be a rewarding experience for so many reasons. If you’re looking to provide homecare services for a loved one who is either elderly or living with a disability, becoming a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) may be the right career path for you! What are PCA Services? A PCA is responsible … Read More