As Minnesotans brace themselves for another cold winter, you may begin to experience symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This typically occurs around the same time of year, when our exposure to Vitamin C and physical activity becomes limited, and we spend the majority of our day indoors. Though a common disorder that usually lasts for only a season, SAD may also be an early sign of depression.

If you’re providing homecare services to a loved in need of support, it’s important that you understand and recognize early symptoms of depression to ensure they don’t cause other serious health issues down the road.

Common Signs of Depression

Whether you’re providing homecare to an elderly parent or adult child, be aware of the following indicators of depression.

  • A general depressed mood that lasts for long durations of time. Other signs may include raised anxiety, feelings of guilt, shame, or irritability
  • Losing interest in favorite activities or having a difficult time concentrating on certain tasks throughout the day
  • A strong preference for wanting to be alone or someone who spends most of their time in isolation
  • Weight changes due to increased or decreased appetite
  • Low energy and constant fatigue. A loved one may either have a difficult time falling asleep or have trouble getting out of bed to start the day
  • Suicidal thoughts or related actions. If you notice a loved one talking about death often or if he/she mentions suicidal intentions, it’s crucial you seek professional help for them right away. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has tons of online resources, including how to find a mental health professional near you.

An essential part of providing the best homecare services possible is being alert to your loved one’s needs. To learn more about caregiving for a loved one living with depression, there are many resources available to help you better understand the condition and help your family find the right support to improve their mental health and wellness.

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