On November 1, 2019, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) published new changes and modifications to the MNSure Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs. According to DHS, the majority of these changes were a direct result of input and suggestions made from the following key stakeholders:

  • County Workers
  • Tribal Agencies
  • DHS Employees
  • MNsure Representatives/Certified Navigators

Among reordering pages for better user comprehension and navigation, some of the key changes made to the MN application include:

  • Dollar Amount to Qualify for a Free or Low-Cost MN Program: The income limit for a family of four to qualify for a qualified health plan with insurance assistance was updated in accordance to the 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). 
  • New Instructions for Applicants Participating in Minnesota’s Safe at Home Program:  As an applicant, you’re now asked to provide only your county of residence and zip code for your permanent address. For your mailing address, you’ll now need to provide your Safe at Home Program address. 
  • Clarity on Questions Regarding Family’s Health Coverage: The revised application now includes a check box for prescription drug coverage. There are also additional boxes for you to list everyone (up to 4 family members) covered by your policy, with space to include their individual policy numbers. 
  • Revisions to Question about Health Coverage from Jobs and the Employer Coverage Tool: Rather than asking if you were “eligible” for coverage, the revised application  now asks if you were “offered” coverage. In addition, questions regarding health plan coverage offered by your employer (14 a-c) were further simplified for easier comprehension. 

Addition Modifications to the MNSure Application

Language pertaining to adjustments in annual income, U.S. citizenship, and family status were updated and now include more descriptions and examples to provide better clarity, as you complete your annual application for coverage. To read through these new changes more carefully, here is the DHS bulletin, which provides a detailed outline. 

Stay Connected with New Changes to Your Policy

For questions on completing your annual MNSure application, DHS also included a new local phone number for you and your loved ones to receive immediate support. Contact 651-539-2099 (or toll-free 855-366-7873) if you’re living in the Twin Cities and require additional help in filling out your MNSure application.