Christmas ThumbnailIn case you needed another reminder: Christmas is only a week away! Even though the snow hasn’t shown up here in the Twin Cities, time is running out for you to finish your gift shopping. This year, let’s break that annual habit of waiting till the last minute to start checking items of your gift list; but while you’re out shopping, don’t forget those home care professionals and personal care assistants in your life.

Home caregivers play an important role in the lives of many. Show them how much you appreciate them and the work they do with a thoughtful gift this holiday season. We took some time this week to ask around the Best Home Care office and came up with some great gift ideas for personal care assistants. In case you’re still waiting to start your shopping, here are our top 5 gift ides for home caregivers to kick start your holiday season:

The Gift of Relaxation

Home health care jobs can be incredibly stressful. Help your home caregiver relax this holiday season with a gift card to a spa or salon, or treat them to a fun night out to a movie.

The Gift of Food

The hectic nature of caregiver jobs doesn’t leave much time to prepare meals. Bake your home caregiver a home cooked meal or give them a gift card to help pay for groceries.

The Gift of Your Time

Some times the best gifts don’t cost a thing. Spend some time with your caregiver this holiday season and let them know how much you appreciate them and the work they do.

Make sure to leave some room on this year’s gift list for the home caregiver in your life. For more information about our Minneapolis home care agency and how to support those providing home care this holiday season, connect with Best Home Care.