Healthy Eating for Seniors - home assistance careWith Thanksgiving just a week away, this is the time of year when our minds shift to cooking (and eating) a tremendous amount of food. That juicy turkey, tasty gravy, and scrumptious mashed potatoes leave many of our belts a few notches looser come Friday morning. You can rest assured that all of us here at Best Home Care will be enjoying our Thanksgiving this year by eating way too much with family and friends.

As this is the “Season of Eating”, now is a great time to talk about healthy eating habits for senior home care patients. Consuming healthy foods is one of the most beneficial things a senior can do for their home health. In fact, a healthy diet has been shown to increase mental acuteness, strengthen resistance to illness and disease, and provide higher energy levels among seniors. While breaking old habits may seem intimidating for some, starting new healthy eating habits can be a tasty way to change your life for the better.

Here are some easy tips that personal care assistants should take to help their home care patients start eating healthier:

  • Get creative to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your home care plan. Try juicing fruits in blenders for drinking or pureeing vegetables to add into sauces.
  • High protein foods are essential to maintain muscle in seniors. Instead of meat, try easier-to-eat protein rich options like peanut butter, tuna, cheese, and yogurt.
  • Supplemental drinks are a great choice for getting many of the nutrients that the body needs. While these shouldn’t be used for every meal, they are a quick, easy, and healthy option.

After the final turkey leg has been eaten this Thanksgiving, start prioritizing healthy eating in your home care plans. Work with senior home care patients especially to develop habits that will lead to a healthier life.

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