Transitional Home Care for SeniorsThey are dependable, compassionate, patient, and strong. They are caregivers. It’s important to recognize the impact home caregivers employed by Best Home Care and other in home care agencies make every day, but especially during November since it marks National Caregivers Month.


Beginning in 1994 with President Clinton, each successive president has signed a proclamation to set aside a month to honor individuals in the PCA healthcare industry and their home care contributions to the community. In 2015, President Obama wrote “I encourage all Americans to pay tribute to those who provide for the health and well-being of their family members, friends, and neighbors.”


Many people who provide home care assistance for a family member don’t recognize themselves as caregivers. Don’t forget to think of these folks too when you join Best Home Care in celebrating quality care attendants so that they receive the same support that they show for those they look after. Here are Best Home Care’s three favorite ways to support a deserving caregiver:

  1. Buy a Gift: A bouquet of bright flowers or gift card to their favorite restaurant complete with a thank you note can remind a caregiver that you appreciate all that they do and boost their mood.
  2. Do a Favor: Sometimes a caregiver does not want to seem like a nuisance and won’t seek help when they need it. Offer to run to the store to pick up something they need or sit with their client while they run a quick errand.
  3. Be a Friend: Make a phone call or pay a visit and ask how their week has been. Shifting the conversation towards the caregiver can provide them with a break from only thinking about the person they care for all of the time.


Contact Best Home Care today for more tips to recognize, celebrate, and thank your Minnesota home care specialists in during National Caregivers Month and beyond.