If your elderly parent, grandparent, sibling, or relative served in the U.S. military, he or she may qualify for homecare services!

Years ago, the Veterans Administration (VA) had offered monthly reimbursements to family members caring for a disabled veteran. This stipend also applied to friends of the individual, as well as personal care assistants (PCA) and home health care aids. There were some restrictions, however. For one thing, in order to qualify for reimbursement, your loved one had to have incurred injuries after September 11, 2001, while serving in the line of duty. This meant if your family member served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, WWII, etc., they did not qualify for this benefit.

Today, under the VA Mission Act— which was passed by Congress in 2018—all veterans are eligible to receive caregiving services, which may range from assistance with everyday tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and getting around the house to eating, getting dressed, and bathing.

Do I Qualify for Homecare Services?

In order to be eligible for this program, veterans must require care on a regular basis for a minimum of six months, due to serious injuries that resulted from serving in the line of duty. These injuries may be physical and/or psychological (PTSD) or related to other mental health issues. It may be necessary for veterans to receive a doctor’s evaluation prior to qualifying for this benefit.

What Do the Caregivers Receive?

The current program allows friends or relatives to receive compensation for the homecare services they provide, with a maximum hourly rate of 40 hours per week. In addition, caregivers may be eligible for training, health coverage, counseling, and other valuable benefits.

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