Thanks to Best Care, working as a home caregiver is simpler than ever before. In addition to providing links to online training and exams to become a home caregiver, Best Care offers tips and training videos on our website and in our weekly blog posts. This week we’d like to provide you with a helpful guide on how to keep track of your PCA hours on your timesheet.

Best Care offers three ways to create and submit a timesheet. Here is a step-by-step guide to each one:

  1. Paper Timesheet:
    • Fill in the homecare agency name (Best Care) and phone number.
    • State whether or not your client was hospitalized during the week, and if so, what date(s) he/she was hospitalized.
    • Fill out the timesheet dates. Begin the timesheet starting on a Thursday and end on the following Wednesday.
    • Be sure to list dates with two digits for the month, date, and year.
    • Under each date, sign your initials in the box next to each service you completed on that date.
    • Indicate how many recipients for which you provided care. The timesheet will list ratios of provider to recipients as 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3.
    • Include the times in which you provided care.
    • Make sure both you and your recipient have signed the timesheet and include your PCA Unique Minnesota Provider Identifier (UMPI) number.
  2. Timesheet App: This app works with both Android and iOS devices and will ask the same questions as the paper timesheet.
    • Select whether you would like to continue a timesheet or create a new timesheet.
    • Select the service that you’re providing.
    • Enter the date that your work week is ending. This should still be on a Wednesday.
    • Enter the ratio of provider to recipients.
    • State whether the recipient was in the hospital at all during the week.
    • Select a specific date and list the care services provided on that date.
    • Track your time in and time out.
    • List names and MA numbers of your recipients.
    • Sign and review your entry. The app will then alert you when your timesheet has been signed by the recipient and is ready to submit.
  3. PDF Timesheet: This online timesheet can be accessed on the Best Care It’s filled out exactly like a paper timesheet only you can fill out each field with your keyboard, and it will require an electronic signature. To sign electronically:
    • Click on the signature field.
    • Create a digital ID and password.
    • Enter your name and email.
    • Sign the document with your password.
    • Save the timesheet to your desktop and email the document to Best Home Care.

Best Care also provides “How-To” videos for filling out and submitting all of timesheets listed above, as well as for submitting non-scheduled payroll requests and PTO requests. For any other questions related to filling out or submitting a timesheet, contact us today!