Talking about home care with your loved ones is a big step to take. Are you worried about it being a difficult or upsetting conversation? It doesn’t have to be.

We’re going to cover some key points to keep in mind that will make introducing at home care a little easier.

Focus on the Positives

Some people can be resistant to the idea of at-home care because they see it as a loss of independence and freedom. However, home care can actually give your family members more freedom and more time to enjoy themselves, empowering them to feel more independent.

Home care provides a sense of balance between providing much-needed assistance and keeping the same quality of life that they currently enjoy. 

When you talk to your loved ones about home care, focus on these two positives: More freedom and a greater quality of life. 

Have the Conversation Early

When thinking about how to talk to your parents about home care services, try not to enter the conversation as if the decision is already made. Problems can often arise when the person receiving care feels like the decision is out of their control.

The earlier you have the conversation, the better. That way, it will be more likely for your parent or family member to have some input into the decision. They will be able to help to decide how and when they start receiving home care. If it’s a joint decision, it’s more likely that everyone will come out of the conversation smiling.

Highlight Exciting Changes

Lead the discussion with key examples of the benefits of home care that your loved one will be able to enjoy. Does your parent miss walking around their garden every morning, which they can’t manage alone? Do they wish they were able to have more people over for lunch, which they can’t handle right now?

Think of some concrete benefits that they will be able to enjoy, once they start receiving at-home care. Make sure those benefits are discussed at the beginning of your conversation.

If you’re still wondering whether at-home care is right for your family or if you aren’t sure how to broach the topic, Best Care is here to help. Get in touch today for support and advice!