Overnight home care is a great option for family caregivers who need respite from providing around-the-clock care. Having overnight caregiving services ensures that you get a much-needed break while knowing that your loved one is safe and well cared-for. 

We’re going to examine the situations in which overnight home care might be a good idea, along with the options for obtaining night care. 

When Is Overnight Home Care Necessary?

Hiring help for nighttime care might be necessary if the care recipient is experiencing any of the following scenarios: 

  • He or she is in recovery from a major surgery or medical procedure. 
  • He or she suffers from a medical condition that requires continuous monitoring, which may require live-in assistance. 
  • He or she has dementia or Alzheimers and is likely to wander, leave the house at odd hours, or is a danger to himself/herself, such as being prone to leave the door unlocked or the oven on.
  • He or she is on a medication schedule that requires nighttime administration. 
  • He or she is unable to get out of bed independently. 
  • He or she suffers from depression and/or suicidal thoughts. 

A professional caregiver, such as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA), can provide overnight home care for the daytime caregiver, in any of these situations. 

How to Request Overnight Home Care for a Loved One

Best Care is a licensed provider of 245D basic services in Minnesota, which includes personal support, respite, adult companion, night supervision, and homemaking supports. 

“Night Supervision” home care means overnight assistance and monitoring performed by an awake individual in the care recipient’s home. The PCA can carry out a person’s positive support programming and transition plans, reinforce independent living skills training and other skill development supports, and assist with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). 

For Best Care clients and caregivers, this service is available under the Brain Injury Waiver (BI), Community Alternative Care Waiver (CAC), the Community Access for Disability Inclusion waiver (CADI), and the Developmental Disabilities waiver programs.

To obtain 245D basic services through Best Care, the care recipient selects a trusted worker who best suits his or her needs. This can be done privately or through our Best Care Connection website. By choosing their own caregiver, recipients are able to maintain control of hours and specific daily needs. The Best Care staff partners with care recipients and their case managers to initiate services, develop and implement a support plan, and ensure high quality care is received. We also provide the caregiver with 245D training.

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Hiring overnight home care can make a big difference in an individual’s quality of life and in the life of the daytime family caregiver. For questions about family caregiving or whether you’re eligible to receive 245D Waivered services, including nighttime care coverage, contact Best Care today!