Home Care For People With Cerebral Palsy - in home medical careCerebral palsy refers to a number of neurological conditions that are caused by brain damage during pregnancy or in the early years of life. There are several known causes for cerebral palsy, including brain bleeds and traumatic childhood injuries, however many reasons are still unknown. Currently, there is no cure for cerebral palsy but many advances have been made in the treatment of children and adults living with cerebral palsy. At home care and in home supportive services augment these treatments by promoting the proper development of children growing up with cerebral palsy.

As a leading Minnesota home care agency, Best Home Care serves family members and home caregivers caring for children living with cerebral palsy in the Twin Cities. Our home care professionals have found that cerebral palsy presents some unique challenges that don’t easily fit in typical home care plans. In most cases, the best caregiving strategy involves setting daily goals that encourage the child to live more independently and socially. It’s important that children affected by cerebral palsy start to develop these traits early on in life and home care services can have a huge impact on this.

Here are some ways personal care assistants and parents/guardians caring for a child with cerebral palsy can set daily goals for their home care:

  • Practice activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing. An example of a small goal might be: learning to put on socks by the end of the month.
  • Encourage social interaction whenever possible. An example of this is saying “please” and “thank you” when out to eat or in other public situations.
  • Promote self-independence of the child at every opportunity. For example, instead of bringing them a toy encourage them to get the toy for themselves if they are able.

Home caregiving goals will (and should) shift depending on the child’s age and specific abilities. The purpose is to challenge children to become more independent and social on whatever level is appropriate.

If you are caring for a child with cerebral palsy, turn to Best Home Care for assistance and guidance with your home care services.