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Communication is an essential part of our daily life. When done correctly, it can inspire millions of people to do incredible things. When done incorrectly, it can quickly become a confusing frustration. Though you likely don’t have an audience of millions, effective communication is vital for every profession and home health care is no exception.

At Best Home Care, we understand that being a personal care assistant comes with its challenges and that it can be difficult to communicate with your client. This disconnect is often the result of a physical or learning disability or simply a difference in generations. Communication struggles will only add to the stress that many home caregivers experience; however, it is important to work to be the best communicator possible, especially when someone’s life and well-being are affected.

Here are some tips for becoming a better communicator while working as a personal care assistant:

  1. Avoid Interrupting: Let your home care client say what they need to say before responding. If you don’t hear what they’re thinking, how will you know what they need?
  2. Ask Open Ended Questions: Give your client the opportunity to open up to you. This is a good way to build trust and better understand their needs.
  3. Be Honest: Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know”. In every situation, honesty is the best practice for home care professionals.
  4. Find Common Ground: Try to discover something that both you and your client enjoy. A shared passion or interest is the perfect way for a personal care assistant to open up communication with their client.

Effective communication is not only important for home caregivers but for home health care agencies as well. Everyday, Best Home Care strives to provide the best administrative services for those providing in home supportive services – this begins and ends with communication. Let’s have a conversation about our Minnesota home care agency and how you can provide the best home care possible. Contact us today!