Caregivers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. You are taking care of the most vulnerable in our society. We at Best Care want to help reduce your exposure to this virus. We are now offering our innovative “Best Care Timesheet” app for free to all agency-affiliated personal care assistants (PCAs) across the state, regardless of where they work.

It’s Free

Prior to this week, the app was only available to Best Care caregivers. Now, we’ve opened its availability to all agency-affiliated PCAs in the state of Minnesota. You can download it for free by clicking this link. 

It’s Convenient

The app is an easy, fast way for PCA agencies to manage and track employee timesheets. Developed specifically for PCAs, the app makes hourly reporting a breeze and eliminates the hassles of cumbersome paperwork and clunky fax machines. Employees securely submit their timesheets from the convenience of their smartphones, making late timecards a thing of the past.

It Minimizes Your Contact With Others

The new tool eliminates barriers such as having to submit paper documentation via fax machine or through in-person office visits. It offers employers a seamless way to ensure prompt and accurate payment to their care provider staff. You do not need to stop by your agency in-person to submit your hours. This minimizes your general exposure and helps you comply with CDC guidelines.

It Allows You to Get Paid

Some PCAs may be delaying their timesheet turn-in, due to fear of exposure, or are unable to make it into their agency due to limited working hours. This can delay their ability to get paid. The app reduces this concern. You can keep working, since the app will ensure safer and consistent care during COVID-19 crisis.

How to Download the App

Across the state, Minnesota PCAs now have free access to the app via their IOS or Android devices. You can download the app by clicking here or searching “Best Care Timesheet” in the app store. The free app is available to all PCAs working for any care provider organization across the state.


Please call 763-710-2052 with any questions about the Best Care Timesheet App.

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