Being a personal care assistant is not an easy job. Finding ways to make everyday tasks easier frees up more of your time to carry on giving attention and care. Technology can be a great way of making your job faster and more efficient.

Here are six ways that technology could improve the way you work as a PCA.

Digital Brain Games

Helping recipients of care stay engaged and entertained is a big part of being a PCA. But sometimes, it can be hard to keep thinking of fresh ideas. Digital mental exercises, like online crossword puzzles or word games, offer unlimited options for games that are proven to help people with illnesses like dementia. Plus, they’re fun!

Safety Alert Systems

Personal care assistants can’t be everywhere at once, so why not let PCA technology keep a watchful eye out when you need to be elsewhere in the house? Pendant alarms, which the recipient of care has around their neck and can pull as necessary, or a type of nanny cam, so you can see and hear at a distance, are both useful options.

Electronic Timesheets

Making sure you’re compensated for your time as a personal care assistant should not take up any more time than necessary each day. Best Care has its own “Best Care Timesheet” app, available for free on iOS and Android to help you solve this very problem. It allows PCAs to track their hours in a convenient way while minimizing general exposure during COVID-19.

Time Management Apps

If you have a lot of appointments or tasks to manage during the day, using a mobile to-do list app can make sure you never miss a thing again. Todoist allows you to create daily task lists, set reminders for specific times, and is accessible from your phone and computer.

Video Calls

Helping recipients of care stay connected to their loved ones is vital for their emotional well-being, especially during these times of COVID-19. Using a phone or tablet to allow them to speak to their family and friends face-to-face is a wonderful form of PCA technology for increasing social connections.

Medication Reminders

If you work with someone who struggles to remember to take medications, MediSafe is a type of dedicated PCA technology that will alert you or other family members that the recipient of care hasn’t remembered to take their medicine. You can set up personalized schedules and reminders, so they never miss a pill, again!

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