You or a loved one might be thinking about getting a personal care assistant, or PCA. Of course, bringing someone new into your house and trusting them with daily tasks is a big decision, so the team at Best Care has put together a FAQ on PCAs to help you better understand what they do.

What Can My PCA Do to Help Me?

The first thing you’re probably wondering is what do personal care assistants do. A PCA is there to support you or your loved one in any daily tasks necessary. This could include activities of daily living, such as making food or helping with transport, health-related procedures and tasks, and observation and redirection of behaviors.

PCAs are also there to offer emotional support and companionship to people in their homes. PCA tasks can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual. 

Who Might Need a PCA?

A PCA can help anyone who needs some extra support or help in their daily life. This might be the result of getting older, a physical or mental disability, or recovering from an operation or some sort of injury. PCA support can also be adapted to fit a person’s changing needs.

What Is the Cost of a PCA?

If you live in Minnesota and qualify for certain medical or financial criteria, you may be able to get a PCA through a state healthcare program called Medical Assistance. You can find out more about eligibility criteria here.

What Are My First Steps to Hire a PCA?

If bringing a PCA into the home sounds like something you’re interested in for yourself or someone you know, then the Best Care team will be happy to help. First, contact Best Care, so we may determine your program eligibility. We will then provide you the phone number to request a PCA assessment. At the assessment, a nurse or county case manager will determine how many hours of service you are eligible to receive. Services begin with the personal care attendant of your choice. Best Care will train and hire the caregiver of your choice. Learn more about that process right here.

For any other questions about the process of getting a PCA, you can head to our dedicated FAQ page or simply reach out to a member of our friendly team.