A career in caregiving is one of the most rewarding paths you can choose! 

Every day you get to improve the quality of life for someone who needs it. It’s no wonder that so many wonderful people choose to look into becoming a Personal Care Assistant (PCA).

However, there are certain qualifications that you might need to look into before starting your new career path. Here is a rundown of how you can get certified in the state of Minnesota.

Before You Get Started

Becoming a Personal Care Assistant, especially to care for a friend or family member, is a valuable choice – but it’s also not an easy job. Before you commit to the role, think about whether it will suit your personality. You need to be resilient, a fast learner, and good at working under pressure.

It helps to have strong interpersonal skills as well as a creative attitude. You’ll be spending extended periods of time with the same person, so being easy to get along with and having fresh ideas for fun activities is a plus. 

What Qualifications are Required to be a Caregiver?

To become a caregiver, you must complete the relevant PCA certification in Minnesota. This involves a standardized training plan and a Minnesota PCA test at the end of your training. 

To complete this training, you’re required to be over the age of 16. If you are 16 or 17, you must also be monitored by a qualified professional every 60 days. 

Best Care has you covered when it comes to PCA training and certification! Take a look at our resources for becoming qualified as a PCA in Minnesota. 

Next Steps

Once you have your personal care attendant certification, you need to enroll with the Department of Homeland Security and get a background study to be registered as an individual MHCP PCA provider. 

At this time, you can also choose to complete other training, including disability support worker training. Depending on the kind of PCA you want to be, now is a great opportunity to practice some extra skills. 

You will also need to be employed and affiliated with a PCA provider agency. This is where Best Care comes in. If you’re a good fit, we can bring you onto our team of caregivers, and you’ll be ready to work with our recipients of care.

Best Care Can Help

We offer our own training modules, so you can work through the entire process with us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Best Care team to walk you through this whole process! We’re available to answer questions and help you achieve your caregiving dreams.