Best Care, a Minnesota home care agency, has published a white paper on the different ways a caregiver can get paid for taking care of a family member on its website. This seven-page report examines and simplifies the complexities of various state and federal PCA programs that provide compensation for family caregivers.

The new white paper, entitled “Best-Home-Care-White-Paper-–-Getting-Paid-to-Take-Care-of-a-Family-Member”, encourages family caregivers to seek compensation for the in home supportive services they provide. The contents and topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Interesting Family Caregiver Facts and Figures
  • The Medicaid Cash and Counseling Program
  • The Minnesota PCA Program
  • Medical Assistance Waiver Program
  • Community First Services and Support Program

Surprisingly, the vast majority of American caregivers are unpaid and often struggle as a result. Many have no other option than to work multiple jobs on top of their caregiving duties just to provide for themselves and their families. This hectic schedule can, and often does, lead to caregiver burnout and other negative health issues.

While money isn’t everything, getting paid to take care of a family member can certainly ease many of the burdens that family caregivers face. The family caregiver compensation programs outlined in Best Home Care’s white paper allow caregivers to quit one or all of their jobs and to focus more of their attention on providing quality home health care services for their friends or family members.

Best Care provides valuable caregiver resources to get paid for taking care of a family member and to stay healthy while doing it. The home care agency’s website has a Support for Caregivers page that has advice and links to help personal care assistants stay healthy physically and mentally as they provide home care services.