The birds are heading south and outdoor thermometer readings are plummeting in that direction too. Albeit beautiful, winter weather creates challenges for everyone. At times, it can be particularly problematic for seniors who need extended home care through a PCA services program. Snow storms and the accompanied slippery sidewalk aftermath can contribute to a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Here are some ways that seniors should prepare for the season from the home healthcare experts at Best Home Care.

  1. Wear Plenty of Layers: Seniors are susceptible to hypothermia. They should dress warmly to stop heat from escaping the body. Invest in a thick hat, fluffy mittens, and wool socks since most heat is lost through the body’s extremities.
  2. Choose the Right Shoes: To avoid falls, wear non-skip boots with lots of traction. Don’t be too proud to use hand rails or a sturdy arm of your Best Home Care home attendant, sometimes shoes are not enough.
  3. Stay Active this Season: If you receive in home supportive services and still complete your own household chores, do some stretching before shoveling the driveway to warm up first. Cold weather work can put extra strain on the body.
  4. Fight the Flu with Food: Hot food and drinks are great to warm up after working outside. But it is even more important that we remember good nutrition habits during the winter time. Find specific dietary suggestions to keep healthy here.
  5. Stock Up on Necessities: Avoid having to leave the house right after a storm by purchasing items you can’t survive a few days without, like toilet paper or coffee, in bigger amounts during the colder months.

If you have any questions about where to turn to for some assistance while preparing for winter weather, additional tips to help reduce injuries and illnesses during this frigid season, or anything else related to life as an adult seeking quality home care, contact the team of home care providers at Best Home Care.