bigstock-home-caregiver-7540770Learning to speak a second language has many advantages for a young child’s development. In fact, bilingualism in children has been attributed to an increased aptitude for solving problems, better listening skills, and improved social skills. However, did you know that speaking a second language can help keep the minds of adults and seniors sharp as well?

A recent study from Northwestern University found that speaking more than one language provides a mental workout for the speaker and prepares the mind for more challenging tasks. Increased mind sharpness is especially beneficial and can improve the quality of life for the elderly and those receiving senior home care. There is also evidence to suggest that speaking a second language can help delay the effects of Alzheimer’s, the memory-stealing neurodegenerative disease.

The benefits of speaking a second language for the home health of a senior are obvious. Learning a second language is easier said than done but the truth is, you are never too old to learn a new language. In fact, many communities offer language classes specifically for adults and seniors! Consult your city’s community education program or senior center to learn more about their offerings. Seniors can also benefit from the different types of language learning computer programs on the market today.

Home caregivers should encourage those they provide in-home supportive services for to learn a second language. Caregivers can help by:

  • Researching community education language classes
  • Suggesting appropriate language learning software
  • Listening to music in a foreign language
  • Watching foreign language movies with English subtitles

Even though it may be more difficult for adults and seniors to pick up a second language, even the slightest bit of knowledge will help sharpen and engage the brain.

To learn more about the benefits of speaking a second language for senior home health, contact Best Home Care. Our team of home care professionals can also work with you to manage the administrative work that comes with providing home care services.