At Best Home Care, it is always our number one goal to match the right individual with the right home caregiver for quality homecare. But we know that so much more goes into effective care than just finding a good match. One challenge that many seniors face as they get older is the need to downsize.

While moving is always a bit stressful, a smaller space can be a fresh start for many seniors. Here are some of the best benefits that a smaller living space provides:

  1. Lower costs: This is an obvious benefit for anyone interested in downsizing. Retirees who still have a mortgage or are paying rent could cut their costs drastically by moving to a smaller space.
  2. Less housework: A smaller space means less to vacuum and dust. It also often means less yardwork and home maintenance, which can be a great relief.
  3. Easier to get around: For many seniors or persons with disabilities, even the trek between the bedroom and the living room can be tiring. Condensing the living space (and eliminating stairs if possible) can make day-to-day activities easier.
  4. More flexibility: More options become open, especially when downsizing from a home to an apartment. Moving between locations (or trying different communities) is easier, and apartment buildings often have added amenities just down the hall.

Of course, even with a smaller home, there is nothing that provides the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is being cared for like having a homecare assistant you trust. That is where Best Home Care can help. Stop by our website for information on our services or feel free to contact us at 651-330-2550 or