The homecare industry has faced many challenges in recent years. Today, there is a large demand for home healthcare services, yet a staggering shortage of personal care assistants able to provide such services. Thus, many Minnesotans that are in need are left without options.

While the state of Minnesota currently has around 135,000 workers in caregiver jobs, it is projected that in the upcoming years there will be a need for almost 60,000 more. The growth of the home care services industry is expected to grow by a rate of almost 50% in the next ten years. The Olmstead Subcabinet made an amendment to Minnesota’s Olmstead plan in order to create a strategy to solving the issue of the worker shortage. A cross-agency was then developed in order to form new ideas to mitigate this challenge.

The agency’s goals are to grow the home healthcare labor market and improve training in the workforce. In order to do this, there are a few key points that need to be addressed. First, more workers must be recruited for these jobs. Next, there needs to be better compensation and benefits for care workers in order for the industry to retain and adequately support them. Finally, these workers must be thoroughly trained in various areas of home healthcare and support.

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