Hiring a caregiver is a fantastic option if your loved one is in need of home care services. Yet, many families are discovering that they prefer the peace of mind that comes with caring for their loved one themselves. Although if you’re currently working, this could mean that you have to cut back on hours or even quit your job in order to fully devote your attention to a parent, sibling, or relative. If this is the case for you, here’s what you need to know about receiving compensation for caring for a loved one.

Do I Qualify for Unemployment?

Simply put, the three qualifications for receiving unemployment in Minnesota are:

  1. Your past earnings must meet a minimum threshold.
  2. Your unemployment must be through no fault of your own.
  3. You must be able, available, and actively seeking employment.

However, in the State of Minnesota, there are certain exceptions in which you may be eligible for receiving unemployment after quitting a job.

What If I’m Caring for A Family Member?

According to the State of Minnesota’s website,  you ARE eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit your job to take care of a family member. However, this family member must:

  • Have a serious illness, injury, or disability.
  • Be a part of your immediate family:
    1. Immediate family members typically include: parents, spouses, children, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren.
    2. Step children, adopted children and a parent’s spouse are in most cases considered immediate family, as well.

How Do I File for Unemployment?

In order to file a claim for unemployment benefits, you should visit the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance website. The site will instruct you on how to file for unemployment, but take note that this service is only available between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday- Friday.

It’s important to remember that it’s possible to get paid for taking care of a family member, even without filing for unemployment. Best Home Care can help you find the perfect solution for your unique situation, whether that’s through receiving payment from Medicaid or becoming a Personal Care assistant (PCA) through our home healthcare agency.

Contact us today to start getting paid for caring for your loved ones and check out our weekly blogs to stay up to date on everything related to home healthcare!