Elderly mother laughing with adult daughter

A personal care assistant plays many roles in the life of a senior. Perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of their service is the psychological benefit they provide for their clients. Isolation, boredom, depression, and vulnerability can make a senior’s emotional life difficult and even lead to serious medical issues.

The companionship of a personal care assistant gives seniors a trustworthy confidant, a way to voice their concerns and feelings, and a support system for continued community involvement. The goal of Best Home Care’s personal care services is to not only add more years to your life, but more life to your years.

Study after study has proven the link between psychological health and living a full life. For seniors to stay healthy, it is essential to remain socially active within their community. This can be as simple as a weekly meeting with a neighbor for coffee, attending dinner with family, or speaking on the phone with friends. As we get older, taking part in these activities becomes more and more of a challenge. Consequently, seniors tend to miss out on these opportunities to connect with others and neglect the importance of social interaction.

Personal care attendants are able to benefit the psychological health of their clients through:

  • Providing transportation to meetings, dinners, worship services, and more
  • Acting as a friend with whom they may share concerns and feelings
  • Allowing seniors to continue living independently, comfortably, and socially with at-home care services
  • Boosting self-confidence and morale, helping clients to continue leading a meaningful life

Do not overlook the psychological health of your aging parent or loved one when considering home health care services. Contact Best Home Care with your questions about how in-home care can improve psychological health or how to get started with personal care services. Additionally, those currently providing emotional and day-to-day support to parents can receive PCA training and get paid to take care of family members – call Best Home Care today to find out how.