Prevent or Recover with PCA Services

According to the National Council On Aging, falling is a leading cause of hospital admissions and fatal injuries for Americans aged 65 and older. Each year, over 2.4 million patients are treated for falls in emergency rooms around the country.  Of this number, over 772,000 were hospitalized and 21,700 died as a result. At Best Home Care, we understand that these numbers can be very alarming for seniors living on their own. However, this doesn’t mean you have to live in fear.

While every senior needs to be aware of the dangers of falling, being cautious and making some minor adjustments in daily routines can be easy lifestyle changes that will help prevent injury. The Mayo Clinic’s website provides some valuable suggestions for helping seniors stay on their feet, including:

  • Staying active to help improve strength and balance
  • Wearing sturdy, nonskid shoes instead of slippers or socks
  • Installing grab bars in showers and baths, and railings along stairs
  • Using non-slip mats for showers and stairs to increase traction

While these changes are a good place to start, it is important to discuss the potential for falling with your doctor to come up with a custom prevention plan.

Even when all these preventive measures are put into action, falls and accidents may still occur. Injuries caused by falls can take years to fully heal. During this recovery period, in-home personal care can be a vital service.

If you or a loved one has experienced a loss of mobility or difficulty in daily activities due to injuries caused by a fall, consider PCA Services. Connect with a quality PCA agency such as Best Home Care in Minnesota during a recovery process to gain in-home, supportive services with personal care assistants. Work with a professional, caring PCA for home health care including recovering from your fall as well as preventing another.

Contact Best Home Care today to learn more about your options for PCA Services and how to find a qualified personal care assistant to help you or your loved one live independently and without fear!