Starting Personal Care Services

Once you and your loved ones have agreed that personal care services are needed, your work can truly start. As you may have discovered, a simple Google search will return thousands of results for hundreds of different home healthcare companies all seeming to provide the same service. This can make it difficult to know where to begin.

Best Home Care takes pride in making the process of starting personal care services straightforward for clients. Our simple five-step process seamlessly guides you from application to receiving the best in PCA healthcare available.

Before you jump into this process, make sure you or your loved one is eligible for at-home care or PCA services. In order to qualify for personal care services from Best Home Care, you must:

  • Live in Minnesota
  • Be eligible to receive Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare
  • Be able to make decisions about your own care or have someone who can make decisions for you
  • Need “constant supervision” or “hands on assistance” to complete at least one Activity of Daily Living (eating, bathing, toileting, etc.)
  • Have a PCA Assessment done to determine your need for in-home care

The PCA Assessment is conducted by your county’s Public Health Department and serves as an important factor when determining eligibility. During this assessment you will meet with a Public Health Nurse who will observe and ask various questions about your daily life. While the official assessment must be done in person, we have created a self-assessment that you may take at any time to judge your eligibility. Note: this assessment should be used as a guide rather than a final determination of whether you qualify for in-home supportive services.

If at anytime you are confused or have questions about starting home care or determining your eligibility for personal care services, please do not hesitate to contact Best Home Care. Every day, we help people begin the process of receiving quality home care – we look forward to assisting you and your love one as well.