Tech Trends in Home CareEven a veteran in the home care industry benefits greatly from additional resources and the occasional break. Today, there is a growing industry of supportive technology designed to assist both personal care assistants and the individuals they serve.


Smart sensors are quickly becoming one of the biggest players in home health care technology. Evolving from the classic emergency buttons available to seniors, these sensor systems can now help home care patients track their health, monitor activities, and even alert caregivers that something may be wrong before an accident occurs.

Sensor systems range from activity trackers that monitor events like missing a meal or medication, abnormal physical signs, and home entrances and exits to GPS and video systems that allow family caregivers to quickly locate and assist a loved one.

Home Helpers

The friendly and popular Roomba robot, a small machine programed to clean floors without supervision or physical interaction, has been joined by a whole host of other devices that help around the house.

Cleaning robots can save both home care providers and recipients time and energy with pre-programmed routines. Other supportive machines can translate common sounds such as a doorbell or telephone into a visual alert for the hearing impaired. For those who are receiving home care and are comfortable with technology, intelligent personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa can answer questions, set reminders, add items to shopping lists, and much more with a simple voice command.


Skype, FaceTime, and other video call technology has been very valuable for home care patients who live far away from loved ones or find it difficult to leave the house often. That technology has been joined by senior-friendly social media sites, smartphone applications, and even “telehealth” systems that allow individuals to have face-to-face interactions with healthcare specialists remotely.

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