Home healthcare is a rapidly growing industry, but if you find yourself in need of care, it can be challenging to know all your options or what programs best fit you or your loved one’s lifestyle.

One question that often comes up at our homecare agency is what is the difference between Traditional PCA Option vs. PCA Choice Option. Below we’ve listed out the primary differences between each program. You can read along or download our infographic to share with friends and family members.

Traditional PCA vs. PCA Choice

Traditional PCA Option: This program helps clients in need of care get set up with an aide through a PCA or homecare agency. The agency is responsible for hiring, training, paying, and scheduling PCAs to provide homecare services to the recipient.

Benefits of Traditional PCA: If a loved one is in a situation where he is unsure of what help or personal assistance he requires, it’s beneficial to have a homecare agency step in and help him determine the type of care needed and also help find the right caregiver.

PCA Choice Option: The PCA Choice program gives the homecare client the opportunity to independently hire her own caregiver. Under this program, it becomes the responsibility of the homecare recipient to hire, train, and supervise the caregiver, while the homecare agency still handles all the management and HR processing components (i.e. background checks, tax collection, etc.).

Benefits of PCA Choice: The PCA Choice option gives individuals more control of their care than Traditional PCA model. People on the PCA Choice model receive less frequent qualified professional or nurse visits, as they are the ones primarily responsible for their care.

For questions about which program is best for you, contact Best Home Care today. Regardless of the level of care you require, we’ll help you through each step of the process and find the caregiver best suited for your needs.