Providing home care to a parent or grandparent is often a full-time job. In addition to you helping your loved one perform daily tasks and feel more independent, you also want to ensure he or she is eating well and making better decisions when it comes to daily health and nutrition. In fact, one major health concern that seniors experience is weight gain. Losing weight gets harder with age, as our metabolisms begin to slow down. But there are other ways you can help your loved one manage his/her weight and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Here are some tips on weight loss for seniors that you can implement into your homecare services this month:

Choose the Right Foods to Consume – Though there are many different types of pre-packaged snacks that advertise 100 or less calories—making them seem like an easy option for eating in-between meals—in reality, these snacks don’t always help seniors lose weight or keep them full, as they don’t contain enough nutrients. Instead choose a healthy snack of veggies and hummus or a fruit salad. These types of options are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, making them a better option for daily snacks.

Eat Regularly! Three meals a day with a couple snacks in-between is ideal for your metabolism. Just be sure these snacks are healthy choices! Incorporating fruits and veggies and limiting high fat and processed foods is a great place to start.

Remember to always consult with your loved one’s doctor first prior changing their meal plan.

Keep Track of Food! Keeping track of daily food intake helps you see eating patterns that may be causing weight gain. For example, you may notice that your loved one is not getting enough of the recommended amount of daily nutrients and vitamins. If your client is often experiencing low energy, ask his/her doctor about taking vitamins such as B12 each day to improve his/her health and wellness.

Find Fun and Gentle Workouts! Speaking of energy, choosing low impact workouts that work to increase energy make exercise easier and way more fun! Water aerobics are popular with seniors because these types of activities provide a great resistance workout yet are gentle on the joint muscles. Going for a nice walk to start the day is also a simple workout that may help boost energy, and it can be a good social activity, as well. You can also check out some fun YouTube videos for senior workouts!

Remember to consult with your loved one’s doctor first before trying a new fitness regime.

Weight loss for seniors can be fun and effective with the right plan! And at the end of the day, it’s really about making small changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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