Home Health Care Agency, Minneapolis Home CareDecember means three things: a barrage of holiday shopping sales, cinnamon flavored desserts, and NO SCHOOL! For students, winter break is the time to hang out with friends all day, anticipate their gift list, and not worry about schoolwork for weeks. While most children enjoy these days away from school, winter break can be a stressor for those kids receiving home care or other in home supportive services.

Children living with ADHD, Down syndrome, and other physical and mental challenges often rely on the day-to-day guidance of schoolteachers and special education assistants to complete many tasks. School’s consistent daily schedule gives students a structured environment and schedule that is comfortable. But when winter break comes around, it can be difficult for them to adapt to life away from the regular school day.

For parents of these children, winter break can be an especially busy time. Home attendants and personal care assistants can provide some relief by providing at home care while kids are off of school. Even still, parents will likely find themselves looking for ways to keep their child safe and entertained during winter break. Below are some great activities that parents and children can do together during winter break:

  • Use arts and craft skills to make Christmas tree ornaments
  • Have a holiday movie marathon together
  • Enjoy outdoor activities in the snow such as building a snowman or (if safe) sledding
  • Volunteer at a non-profit or soup kitchen together
  • Go toy shopping together and donate the gifts to charity or a toy drive

Winter break is a great opportunity for parents and children to spend time together however, busy schedules can make it hard to provide home care at all times. Personal care assistants can provide home care services for your child throughout winter break and give you time to run errands or go to work. Contact Best Home Care to learn how our home care professionals can benefit you and your kids this winter break!