Client FAQ

What can my PCA do to help me?

A PCA may help you with:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Health related procedures and tasks
  • Observation and redirection of behaviors
  • Instrumental activities of daily living
What can I do to help my PCA?
  • Do not ask your PCA to complete tasks not allowed by state law.
  • Do not ask your PCA to help or take care of others in your home.
  • Keep track of the hours of PCA services you have used.
  • Review and sign accurate time sheets.
How many hours am I approved to receive?

The number of hours you are approved to receive is determined at your PCA assessment, and we receive an authorization for those hours. Refer to your start services letter for the number of hours authorized. It is advisable to limit  your hours to the number of hours authorized per week. If you use more hours “over flexing” than you are approved for per week, your hours will not last the full authorization period. For additional hours related questions contact our office.

What is flexible use?

Flexible use means you can use your PCA service units in a flexible manner over two six–month periods. Many recipients divide their time 50/50 between the two six-month periods, however you can divide your time flexibly as long as you do not use more than 75% of your time during one six-month period. Your umits are supposed to last the entire service period however, so it is advised flexing is limited to hours per week. For example if you are assessed for 21 hours a week you don’t have to use 3 hours a day. You could have service for 7 hours on 3 days instead.

Can anyone use their PCA units flexibly?

Generally anyone can use their PCA hours flexibly, however, you are not eligible for flexible use if: Your local county agency or tribe denies flexible; DHS denies flexible use; or you are on the Minnesota Restricted Recipient Program

How long are services authorized for?

Services are typically authorized in two, six month dates spans and the hours are divided equally between each six month period.

When can my PCA start working?

Start dates depend on a number of factors and each case is different. Your caregiver will receive a start work letter with the date they are authorized to start to work. Refer to this letter to determine when you caregiver may start work.

How many hours do I have left?

Your caregiver may only check off the activities you are approved to receive care for according to the PCA assessment and PCA Care Plan. Refer to your assessment, care plan, or start services letter if you have questions. If you still have questions contact our office.

What activities should my caregiver complete on the timesheet?

Your caregiver may only check off the activities you are approved to receive care for according to the PCA assessment and PCA Care Plan. Refer to your assessment, care plan, or start services letter if you have questions. For more information contact our office, or ask your qualified professional.

Do I need to review the PCA timesheet?

Yes, review the PCA timesheet to make sure the hours marked are the ones the caregiver worked. If you have multiple workers, also make sure their times are not overlapping. When you sign the timesheet you are stating that the times and activities are true and correct. To do that make sure you are taking the time to review times entries carefully.

Can I sign blank timesheets?

Never sign blank timesheets, and if a caregiver asks you to do do so contact our office and let us know. If you sign blank timesheets you won’t know what hours a caregiver will submit and you are responsible for time submitted to the state for payment. Signing blank timesheets may also be a crime, and make you suspect in later fraud investigations.

Who submits the timesheet?

Either the caregiver or the client can submit the timesheet, but the caregiver and client should each sign the time entry themselves. The caregiver cannot sign for the client and the client may not sign for the caregiver.

My PCA is telling me they did not get paid what should I do?

The most likely reason a PCA does not get paid is because we are missing timesheets or the ones we have contain errors. If your PCA tells you they did not get paid instruct them to contact our office. It is not your responsibility to resolve employee pay issues and we are unable to discuss most payroll related issues with clients due to employment law privacy issues.

How do I complete the PCA care plan?

PCA Choice Clients are responsible for completing the PCA Care Plan. Under the Traditional PCA model this is the agencies responsibility.

How do I change my PCA?

You can change your PCA at any time. Contact us so we may get the information for the new PCA and get them set up to work with you.

How do I hire an employee?

Please contact Tricia or Sarah to fill out an employee application over the phone and schedule a time to come in to sign the application, start your background study and fingerprints. We will need a cleared background study with the Department of Human Services before the employee can start work. As this can take several days to several weeks, please have the employee contact or make an appointment to come in to the office as soon as possible. That way, we can start the process. As always, if you have any questions, please call and ask for Tricia Vasquez or Sarah Dustin, Intake Department.

Can I hire an employee who is under 18 years old?

Yes, individuals who are 16 and 17 years old can be employees. As part of their application procedure, they will submit additional paperwork affirming their age. Supervision of PCA employees under 18 by a Qualified Professional must occur every 60 days until they turn 18.

How can I change my Responsible Party?

Yes you can! Please contact: Amanda Lindner, Client Services to complete the necessary steps to change your Responsible Party.

What do I do if my eligibility or address changes?

If your eligibility or address changes, contact Amanda Linder, Client Services immediately. When these types of changes occur, we need to send documentation to the county, health plan or state to ensure continuation of services. The documents need to be sent within strict time frames so if you have a change in your eligibility or address let us know right away.

How do I terminate an employee?

Submit a signed statement that the employee is no longer working, and the last day they worked/will work. It can be typed or handwritten, as long as it has the Responsible Party’s signature. This can be mailed, faxed, or dropped off to our office.

What are Qualified Professional visits

All recipients are required to have Qualified Professional visits from time to time. Under the law we are required to make these visits within certain timeframes. Be sure to call the QP back and schedule a visit to avoid any interruptions in service.

How do I request a renewal when my service agreement is going to end?

Best Care sends a request on your behalf 60 days before your service agreement ends to renew your PCA services.

What happens at the end of the authorization period?

Before the authorization ends we will send a referral to the county or health plan to visit you for an annual reassessment. At the annual reassessment the nurse will again determine the number of hours you need. Your hours may go up or down at this time so it is important to answer questions accurately and make sure you understand every question. If you have any questions about the assessment process you can read our blog on the Minnesota assessment. This appointment is very important, and if you don’t have your assessment before the end of your current service agreement there might be a gap in services.

If I don’t use my PCA time does it roll over?

No. Unused PCA time does not carry over into the next six-month period.

What will happen at the PCA assessment?

At the assessment, a nurse will ask you a number of questions to determine your needs. Based on your answers to the nurse’s questions, you will be given a home care rating if you are eligible and you will be authorized for a number of hours based on that rating.

My PCA hours were cut, what can I do?

If your PCA hours were reduced, you have the right to make an appeal. You may use our appeal to state agency form, and if you need help completing the form please contact us.

Can my PCA work with me while I am in the PCA’s home?

Unfortunately, according to state requirements, PCA services cannot be billed for if they are delivered in the PCA’s home. The one exception to the rule is when the PCA and recipient live together. See the state website on this issue here.

Do I have to use my PCA hours every day?

No, you will be assessed for a daily amount of PCA hours, but you can use them flexibly as necessary. For example, you may choose to get help just two or three days per week; or if you are a parent, you may choose to use a greater number of hours during the summer but less during the school year.

Can I receive PCA services while I am outside of Minnesota?

Yes, you can receive PCA services while outside of Minnesota but you may not receive services outside of the United States. You can find more information about PCA services outside of Minnesota by clicking here. Contact us if you plan on traveling and want to receive PCA services while you are out of the state.

What is PCA Choice?

The PCA Choice option gives people more control of their care than Traditional PCA model. People on the PCA Choice model receive less frequent qualified professional or nurse visits, as they are the ones primarily

responsible for their care.


Under PCA Choice, you are responsible for:

  • Finding, hiring, training, supervising and scheduling your staff
  • Finding back up PCA staff
  • Maintain a written agreement with your PCA Choice provider agency
  • Develop your care plan, with help from our qualified professional if needed
  • Working with your to make sure your health and safety needs are met
  • Signing time sheets
What is Traditional PCA

Under Traditional PCA option, individuals receive more support from the provider agency. People on the Traditional PCA model also receive more frequent qualified professional or nurse visits so the agency can be sure services are meeting care plan goals.

Under Traditional PCA, the agency is responsible for:

  • Hiring, training, supervising and scheduling
  • Monitoring and evaluating PCA staff to ensure care plan goals are being met
  • Developing a care plan to meet the goals identified in the nurse assessment
  • Maintain back-up staffing in case of an emergency

Note: Under the Choice or Traditional Program you may hire a caregiver of your choosing.

Employee FAQ

I was disqualified during the background study, what can I do?

If you are disqualified to work as a personal care assistant, you will have an opportunity to appeal the disqualification. If you are unsure about how to do that, we are happy to assist you. Contact our office to learn more, you should speak with the intake person who processed your paperwork.

When can I start working?

Employees may not start working until they receive a start work letter. Refer to the start work letter for the date you may start working with a particular recipient.

How many hours can I work?

You may only work the number of hours per week you are authorized. For new employees refer to your start work letter to determine number of hours available. Existing employee contact our office at 651.330.2550 to deterimine the number of hours you shoul

Can I work overtime?

Overtime (40 hours or more per week) must be authorized by Best Care LLC in writing. If work overtime and it is not authorized you will not be paid for it. It should be noted that PCA’s working with PCA Choice clients are not authorized to work over 40 hours per week.

Can I work when the recipient is in the hospital?

No, you cannot continue to record time after a recipient is admitted to a hospital or facility. You can keep time up until they are admitted, and may resume keeping time once they are discharged. Please give discharge papers to Amanda at BHC.

What is the care plan for?

Thr care plan was written by the recipient and sometimes with the help of our qualified professional. (Nurse). The care plan list what activities the client needs help in, and what to do to help the client in the best way. You should review the care plan if you have any questions about the clients care.

What activities should I check off on my timesheets?

You may only check off the activities the client your working with is approved to receive care for. Refer to your start work letter, if new employee or working with new client; for existing clients, refer to the care plan or assessment.

How should I complete my timesheet?

Timesheets must be completed correctly, legibly, and signed by the participant or responsible party and the employee. Clients should not sign blank timesheets. You should only check activities your client is approved to receive. If you are unsure of what to check off contact our office. Employees should only submit timesheets showing the time actually worked. Employees may not submit timesheets when the client is in a hospital or other facility. View our How to Video page for videos on completing timesheets.

Can I sign timesheets for my client?

No you may not sign timesheets for your client.

When are timesheets due?

Timesheets are due every Thursday by 9am, but you can submit your timesheet anytime after your last shift of the week. Our week runs from Thursday to Wednesday. You could turn in your timesheet after your shift ends on Wednesday, for example. Do not sign or turn in timesheets before your workweek is over.

How do I turn in my timesheets?

We accept timesheets from our timesheets app, email, fax, or you can even drop off your timesheet if necessary. It is Best Care’s goal to make working and receiving services at our company easy and convenient. Email to: Fax to: 763.592.8262 or 651.964.3801. View our How to Video page for videos on our timesheet app.

Who may submit timesheets?

Either the caregiver or the client may submit timesheets.

How do I know if you received my timesheets?

If we do not receive your timesheet or if your timesheet you will receive a text or a call depending on the circumstances. If you receive a call, contact us as soon as possible to see what weeks we are missing or that contain errors. You can also visit to search by your employee number to see if we have your timesheet. Finally you can contact the timesheet team at (763) 710-2011.

When do I get paid?

We pay every two weeks according to our payroll calendar. If you think you should have been paid we are probably missing a timesheet, and you should contact us as soon as possible to determine which weeks we are missing.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

To request PTO first download and complete a PTO request form, then return the form to our office by fax or email. PTO requests are processed with the next regularly scheduled payroll unless otherwise requested. To have your requested processed the same day make an emergency payroll request at View our How to Video page for videos on requesting PTO.

How do I request PTO?

To request PTO first download and complete a PTO request form, then return the form to our office by fax or email. PTO requests are processed with the next regularly scheduled payroll unless otherwise requested. To have your requested processed the same day make an emergency payroll request at View our How to Video page for videos on requesting PTO.

How can I get a copy of my check stubs?

If you have direct deposit, you won’t receive a paper copy of your check stubs. Instead you may access your check stubs at Also you may request paper copies of checks stubs by contacting our office and making a request.

How can I get a copy of my check stubs?

Generally we like to receive these by mail, however employees also drop these off. Contact Ashley at (651) 219-4787 or Cinnsye at (651) 219-4895 to follow up on employment verification.

When do I get paid if my timesheets are turned in late?

Timesheets are due every Thursday by 12 noon. If you timesheets are turned in late according to our payroll calendar your check will typically be processed with the next payday.

What do I do if I didn’t get paid? Or I didn’t get my check what should I do?

If you didn’t receive your paycheck the most likely reason is we did not receive your timesheet. Contact us so we can verify we have your timesheets. If your check is lost in the mail we may be able to issue a replacement depending upon how long it has been since the check was issued.

Can I get paid before payday? Or How do I request an emergency check?

If you need to get paid before the next payday, submit your error free timesheet, then you can make an emergency check request at

What are QP visits?

For PCA Traditional clients the QP visits at the start of service to create the care plan and conduct the pca orientation. Then the QP visits every 90 days the first year, and every 120 days the second year. For PCA Choice clients the QP visits every 180 days. **PCA’s who are 16 and 17 years old require supervision every 60 days regardless of program.

What if I move or change my phone number?

Notify our office right away if you change your phone number, anyone can help you.

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