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An Advocate for Clients and Family Caregivers

Agency founder Andre Best, an attorney and former union president, established Best Care in 2005 with his father and wife. Back then, their mission was simple: provide resources for individuals to find the home care services they needed and offer reputable administrative services to caregivers in the Twin Cities.

Today, Best Care continues that same mission and works to become Minnesota’s #1 choice for family caregivers and those in need of quality home care services.

Convenience, Integrity, and Extraordinary Service Guaranteed.

Through speedy on-boarding, timely processing of documents, responsive service, and respectful treatment of both client and employee, we set a new standard in quality home care.

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Discover a team of experienced home care professionals, ready to help guide you on your PCA journey.

Whether you’re a client or a caregiver, Best Care’s team of experts are ready to help guide you on your home care journey.
When you contact Best Care, you’ll be greeted by our dedicated management team, who are ready to answer your questions and guide you through the Personal Care Assistant (PCA) process.

Every day, our staff connects clients to the support they need and helps caregivers receive fair compensation for the high-quality, dedicated care they provide to a loved one.

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A Message from Best Care Founder, Andre Best

How did an experienced attorney, who started his career at Ford Motor Company, find himself running a well-respected, non-medical, in-home care agency?

The road I traveled from the Ford Motor Company to Best Care has provided me with the training and knowledge I need to ensure each client receives the finest care possible, delivered with the utmost respect.

My journey has also provided me with an understanding of how clients benefit from staying in their home, surrounded by memories, familiar objects, and the people they love. Best Care is all about helping individuals of every age group have the opportunity to be active and independent in their own communities.

As a successful production supervisor in the corporate world, I learned the importance of efficiency and quality, and how these characteristics impact client satisfaction. I’m determined to make continuous improvements to the home care services we provide.

As a union president, I’ve learned there are times when employees need someone to stand beside them and act as an advocate on their behalf. After all, it was my desire to be a campaigner for fair treatment that led me to law school.

As a practicing attorney, I saw the consequences of other home care agencies that place profit over the well-being of clients. I made a commitment to always remember that the measure of an agency’s success is client satisfaction, not the bottom line.

In 2005, I had the opportunity to combine my passion for advocacy, business experience, and commitment to caring for others when my father, wife, and I launched Best Care. Since we have been in business, we’ve kept true to our commitment to put customer service before profit. From our advocacy for others and commitment to excellence, we have reaped the rewards of praise and loyalty from hundreds of families. And we continue to serve our clients and employees in all of Minnesota’s 87 counties.

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