What is CFSS?

The Minnesota Department of Human Services is preparing to transition from personal care assistance (PCA) to community first services and supports (CFSS). Both PCA and CFSS provide supports to people to help them remain independent in the community and are similar in many ways.

Additionally, CFSS will expand people’s choices about how they receive their services, including who can provide services, additional support for writing plans, more self-direction options and the ability to purchase goods to aid a person’s independence.

Autism Mother and Son - BW
Assisted living center
Day in the life of family with four childs whom two are down's syndrome and autism

How do I learn more?

Minnesota DHS has an FAQ page with additional information about CFSS as they preparing the transition. DHA has also created an interactive video that helps explain CFSS.

For questions about family caregiving or whether you’re eligible to receive PCA services, contact Best Care today!