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CFSS in Minnesota

Your Guide to Community First Services and Supports

What Is CFSS?

Similar to PCA, CFSS provides support to help seniors, children with autism, and adults with disabilities live more independently in the comfort of their homes.

Yet, CFSS goes beyond that by expanding people's choices on how they receive their services, including:

  • Who can provide services
  • More self-direction options
  • Additional support for writing service delivery plans
  • The ability to purchase goods to aid your independence
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CFSS Is Here!

As of February 2024, the federal government approved the replacement of Personal Care Assistance (PCA) services to Community First Services and Supports.

The rollout of this new program is already underway. Rest assured that Best Care and the Minnesota Department of Human Services are working hard to ensure a smooth transition and help individuals start enjoying more freedom, flexibility, and control over their home care services than ever before.

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Will CFSS Replace PCA?

Yes, but remember that this transition offers more benefits to care recipients and family caregivers in Minnesota.

In fact, the qualification requirements for CFSS are the same as for PCA. That means if you're already receiving PCA services, you'll soon transition into CFSS during your next annual reassessment—pending there are no changes in your condition that would disqualify you from eligibility. 

The CFSS program will also replace the state-funded Consumer Support Grant (CSG) benefit.

What Is the Difference Between PCA and CFSS?

Under CFSS, you'll have access to more options for ongoing support to help you live independently.

Added Workers


Purchase of Goods

Agency vs. Budget Models

Added Workers

This is great news for spouses and parents of a minor in need of home care services. Previously, PCA services prohibited hiring these individuals, meaning those who did provide care did not receive compensation. 

However, under the new CFSS program, your spouse or the parent of a child can be hired as a support worker and receive payment for their care.

Watch Minnesota's DHS video on potential workers

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Care recipients will now be allocated a budget for training and development purposes. You or a provider agency can utilize this budget to ensure your support worker receives appropriate and effective training to give you the best care possible.  

Watch Minnesota's DHS video on training

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Purchase of Goods

To aid in your independence, you can purchase goods and services, including a personal emergency response system (PERS).

Watch Minnesota's DHS video on goods

Agency vs. Budget Models

CFSS offers two service delivery models: the agency provider model and the budget model. Regardless of the model you choose, you'll have access to all the benefits listed above and the following below:

  • The ability to direct care
  • A voice in who provides your care
  • Assistance from a consultation services provider to write your service delivery plan

Is Best Care a CFSS Agency?

Good news! Best Care is proud to offer all services under the CFSS program, as we are both an agency and budget model provider. 

This means you can choose the model that best suits your needs (budget or agency), without worrying about compromising on the quality of your care or having to change your care team. 

At Best Care, we understand any change, even a positive one that offers you more options, can feel overwhelming. That's why we're here to answer your questions and help you transition into the new CFSS program with ease and confidence.

Providing quality home care has always been our mission, and we will continue to serve this need in Minnesota now and in the future.

What Is an Agency Model with CFSS?

Under this model, you have the freedom to choose an agency that functions as the employer of your support worker. This means that the agency takes on the responsibility of managing all the tedious tasks such as 

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Payroll of CFSS support workers

By opting for this model, you can save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on administration duties. Instead, you can focus on more important things such as enjoying your independence and living each day to the fullest.

Do you already receive support from Best Care? Good news, under the CFSS agency model,  you can continue to do so! Need an agency? We've got you covered!

What Is a Budget Model with CFSS?

The CFSS budget model enables you to function as the employer of your support worker. It provides you with a budget to perform all tasks that an agency typically undertakes, including: 

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Supervising employees

As the employer, you'll be required to select a budget model provider, like Best Care, who can assist you with payroll so that you can manage this critical aspect of your operations with greater ease and efficiency.

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To qualify for CFSS, you must meet the same requirements as for PCA, which includes:

• You cannot live in a nursing care facility
• Have the ability to direct care or have a representative direct care on your behalf
• You must already be enrolled in one of Minnesota’s health care programs: Medical Assistance (MA), an MA waiver, the Alternative Care program and some people on MinnesotaCare
• Obtain an assessment (formally a PCA assessment)
• You can not be using the Family Support Grant.

Note, if there are any changes in your condition, you may no longer be eligible for CFSS.

Community First Supports and Services (CFSS) and Consumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS) are two different programs available in Minnesota.

Since we already covered CFSS, let's discuss CDCS. This program allows individuals with disabilities to direct and manage their own services and supports. That means individuals can choose their own services and providers and manage their own budget.

Unlike CFSS, CDCS does not offer an agency model.

In Minnesota, CFSS are provided through the state's Medical Assistance program. These services are offered by managed care organizations (MCOs) contracted by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Best Care is both an agency and budget model provider for CFSS.

A consultation provider offers guidance and advice to individuals and families who are seeking assistance with accessing community-based services and supports.

These providers are knowledgeable about the various resources and options available in the community and can help individuals navigate the system to find the services that best meet their needs. Under CFSS, consultation providers will help you develop and implement a service delivery plan of care while connecting you with resources and providing ongoing support and advocacy.

Please note that under CFSS, everyone must select a consultation services provider. However, people can make decisions about how much they use their provider.

Your transition to CFSS will begin with your annual reassessment. If you have questions about this process, the budget model, the agency model, or anything regarding this new program, we encourage you to contact us today for support!

As an agency and budget model provider for CFSS, we've been working with the Minnesota DHS closely to ensure that care recipients understand their additional supports and services and that the transition from PCA to CFSS won't impact your quality of care.

We're here for you!

For questions about the new CFSS program, contact Best Care today!

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