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Best Autism Apps on Apple and Android

September 15, 2022

Approximately 1 in 44 children in the United States has some form of autism. New tools for supporting and communicating effectively with autistic people, particularly those with non-verbal autism, are popping up every day.

As with many areas of life, there are apps for just about anything, including assisting in helping people with autism develop their social and emotional skills.

Here are some of the best autism apps and what they have to offer.

5 Popular Learning Apps for Autism

  1. Autism iHelp is helpful for nonverbal autism, designed to integrate auditory and visual stimuli. It helps autistic kids to connect images with their accompanying sounds, helping them to understand the world around them.
  2. i Create… Social Skills Stories is an app made with young children and individuals with developmental delays in mind. The social story structure acts as a guide to help children understand the steps of a storyline, encouraging them to build routines and use their social skills to tell a story. 
  3. Daniel Tiger for Parents can help build up strong social bonds between autistic children and their families, designed with children and parents in mind. It aims to support autistic children to learn more life skills, such as developing areas like sharing, trying new foods, and working with emotions.
  4. Aiko & Egor is another family-focused communication app for autism. It shows simplified animations and interactive characters where the user can imitate and interact, helping them to match gestures and facial expressions with the right emotions. It is best recommended to be watched together with parents and their kids.
  5. Grace teaches children with special needs how to better communicate by building sentences. This mobile app is customizable with specific words and images.

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