home care tips, personal care assistant adviceIt wouldn’t be Halloween without trick or treating, a popular pastime for almost anyone with taste buds. The opportunity to wear a creative costume and collect heaps of candy make it many people’s favorite time of year. However, the responsibility of caring for autism home therapy or elderly home care clients and their family members on this holiday can cause enough stress to make personal care attendants go a bit batty. Best Home Care has composed a list of Dos and Don’ts for our PCA program clients and staff to follow for a safe and spooky Halloween!


This Halloween, Do:

  • Plan a route in advance: Trick or treat in an area that you and your client are familiar with to avoid getting lost.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Blisters result in frustration for the recipient and whoever has to help them walk home.
  • Stay well-lit: Try to avoid all black costumes and arm your entire group with flashlights or glow sticks.

This Halloween, Don’t:

  • Wear a mask: Masks can obstruct vision and often grow annoying so they are tossed aside quick.
  • Cross the street alone: Assign everyone a buddy or make it a game not to break the hand holding chain.
  • Dismiss the weather: Pack a zip-up sweatshirt that will add warmth without distracting from a costume.


Best Home Care believes that personal care aids can skip the stress this trick or treat season if they study these simple dos and don’ts. They hope to provide their employees and accompanied crew of clients and family members outfitted as princesses, superheroes, and ghost busters with the best Halloween experience yet. Contact Best Home Care to learn more about adapting holiday traditions to fit extended home care patient needs.