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Halloween Face Painting Ideas

October 18, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner! While that means spooktacular fun for many families, children with sensory issues or other special needs may require extra steps to ensure the festive season is comfortable for the entire family.

Halloween face painting is one way you can introduce some low-pressure fun for your kiddos. Some children may not like the sensory experience, but others will appreciate the chance to transform their appearance like their peers without putting on a potentially uncomfortable full costume.

Face painting is a great way to add festive fun to your kids' Halloween experience!

Simple Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Parents and caregivers, don't worry about getting professional quality! Stencils offer a simple way to get a nice design if you're already second-guessing your artistic skills.

The key to face painting for kids is to keep it simple and safe. Here are a few painting ideas that are easy to create.


How about tapping into the season's most iconic mascot—the pumpkin? Use orange as the base color, dotted with expressive triangles for eyes and the quintessential zigzag mouth. 


Consider a classic spooky ghost if you're seeking something more on the chilling side. With a white paint base and dark circles for eyes and mouth, this phantom design is a breeze to create.


A ladybug theme can be fun for little kids to participate in Halloween. With a red base adorned with some black dots and perhaps an antennae headband, you'll have a Halloween face painting design that's both charming and easy to pull off.

Young girl getting her face painted.Cat

You don't need many paint colors to make your child a cute feline! Paint on some whiskers and a little pink nose, and even add a little winged eyeliner to create the "cat eye" look. 


Adorn your child's cheeks with a spooky spider or two, or get extra fancy and paint on a full web! Speaking of spiders, any small Halloween icon—a Jack-O-Lantern, a witch's hat, a full moon, etc.—can be painted on your kid's cheek in minutes and not be a pain to clean off. 

Halloween Face Painting Safety

Remember, while dashing off to grab your paint supplies, prioritize safety— always ensure the face paints are hypoallergenic, safe for skin use, and easy to remove! Many craft stores and online retailers will have the safe paints you need. Avoid very cheap kits that likely use low-quality materials that could irritate your child's sensitive skin. 

Looking for more Halloween tips for families with kids who have special needs? Check out this blog for more helpful resources!

Two home care children with their face painted for Halloween.
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