PCA Assessments

In order to qualify for PCA Services in Minnesota, you will need to complete a PCA Assessment. During the PCA Assessment, a Public Health Nurse (PHN) will ask you a number of questions to determine your need for PCA Services. If you're having a PCA Assessment in the near future, please review our article on The Minnesota PCA Assessment and review Minnesota PCA Assessment Guide before your appointment with the PHN. We developed this guide to help individuals understand what they need to show in order to qualify for PCA Services and what to expect at their PCA Assessment.

PCA Appeals

If you are denied PCA services or if your PCA hours are reduced, you have the right to appeal. You can use the Appeal to State Agency form to file an appeal. The PCA Appeals Self-Help Sheet explains how to appeal. You can also refer to the appeal Frequently Asked Questions. If you're currently receiving home health services, you may also request that your services remain unchanged while the appeal is pending. It's a good idea to appeal the results of a PCA assessment if you feel it is inaccurate and does not adequately reflect your needs. If you need assistance with an appeal, contact your Qualified Professional.

Client Satisfaction Survey

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