UpdateDescriptionDate of Update
ID required for check pickup.Employees who have arranged to pickup a check will be required to show their ID.1.1.2019
Important company changes regarding overtime.Click here to view important company overtime changes effective 7.4.2019.6.7.2019
2019 Preventative Health Insurance Open Enrollment. The Preventative Health Insurance Plan sent open enrollment notices in August 2019. Click here to view the notice. Click here to learn more about the MEC plan.8.26.19
Name ChangeThings may look different, but that Dosen't mean we've changed as an organization. We're extremely fortunate to be ushering a in a new chapter in home care. Dedicated to getting support for those in need, how they need it. Welcome to Best Care!10.16.2019
Payroll ChangesWe are happy to announce that are moving our payroll software from Intuit to Paylocity. We are making this change to provide better service to caregivers, and because our old payroll software could no longer accommodate the number of caregivers we serve. Payroll records prior to the change will remain in the Intuit Workforce Site Here. New Pay Stubs are available in the Paylocity Employee Self-Service Portal at https://access.paylocity.com/. To login click "Register New User"; then enter:

Company ID: 99514
Last Name:
SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx (must include dashes)
Home Zip Code:
Late TimesheetsAs we grow the number of late timesheets we receive is becoming a administrative and financial burden for the company. Effectively immediately we are changing the way we handle late timesheets. In the past, we have been able to receive and enter timesheets for payroll, despite whether the timesheet was late. This will not be the case anymore. Timesheets are due every Thursday. If you submit your timesheet after Thursday, it will not be automatically processed for payroll. You will have to submit an unscheduled check request for the late timesheet, by going to bestcarepayroll.com.
Paylocity IssuesThe paylocity payroll software migration is moving along as scheduled. Thank you for your patience during the transition. There are a few known issues that we are working to resolve and some you should be aware of:
1. Disregard timehseet functions of paylocity. We continue to accept timesheet app, scanned, faxed, electronic, or paper timesheets.
2. There were some issues with not all the correct data coming over. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you notice anything that is not right.
3. Paylocity brought over prior earnings information so that the year to date information would be correct. However, previous checks in paylocity do not match the amounts of the previous checks. To see accurate check stubs that were issues before the transition use the https://workforce.intuit.com​ site.
4. We are working on having the directory feature disabled.
Check Pick Up ChangesAs part of our recent payroll software changes, we are no longer printing checks in our office as part of our payroll process. Instead, paper checks are printed by the payroll company in Chicago, sent to our office, then we mail them to you. This means people who receive physical checks may receive their payment in the mail one day later than usual. Direct deposits and payroll cards are not affected by the change and you will receive those within the same timeframes as before. These changes also affect our ability to offer same day check pickups. We will only issue same day check pickups in the event of our error. For example: we had both of your timesheets but missed one; or we paid you the wrong amount. Any other check pickups will only be available next day.