When you hear the term non-medical home health care, you usually think about seniors (or ‘the aged’ as they are referred to). However, home health care can be beneficial to people of all ages and is a wonderful solution to many life’s expected and unexpected twists and turns.

The name means exactly what it implies; help and care for those who cannot care for themselves. Whether due to a hip fracture or knee replacement, whether the help is needed for a long time, in case of a chronic condition, or for a short while as when recovering from surgery, the non-medical home health care is flexible enough to adjust to the specific needs of the person.

What can a caregiver do for you or your loved one?

 Help in personal hygiene; bathing, hair washing
 Help dressing
 Grocery shopping
 Preparing meals
 Light housework
 Medication reminders
 Providing human interaction and companionship.

Many recoveries are hampered by the patient trying to do too much too soon, so planning ahead will not only save money but will make the recovery at home faster. Compared to the cost of staying in a hospital or a rehabilitation center, the home caregiver cost is almost negligible. Being in your own surroundings when friends and family can easily visit, having someone to talk to, is priceless.

In case of the long term care, many caregivers exhaust themselves with trying to be everything to everybody. Care takes time and stamina and doing that on top of the other daily duties, can lead a caregiver to depression. Hiring a non-medical home health caregiver will alleviate some of that pressure and leave room for quality time.

It is not an easy decision to allow a stranger into your home. Letting this stranger take care of you, sometimes in the most intimate ways, is much harder. But when the decision has been made and help is agreed upon, your best bet is to approach a Minnesota Home Care Agency that specializes in non-medical home health care.

Non-medical home care is not for seniors only. It allows people to stay in their homes longer and post-surgery recovery made in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. For those who are caregivers themselves, an additional person to do some of the caring and chores can mean the difference between over-extended, short tempered and overwhelmed feeling and some peace of mind and quality time with your loved one.