Home Care for Hypertension

February 9, 2023By Best CareHome Care

Heart disease is one of the biggest concerns for Americans, especially older adults. Some conditions, however, can also affect children and teenagers, such as hypertension. Here’s a look at what hypertension is and what support is available to those living with it. What is hypertension? Also known as HBP or high blood pressure, hypertension is… Continue Reading Home Care for Hypertension

Can I Change PCAs?

February 3, 2023By Best CareHome Care

At Best Care, we believe that everyone deserves the best care that aligns with their wants and needs. That could change over time, meaning you could need to change caregivers. If you’ve been working with a caregiver for a while, it might seem difficult to change your current situation. However, there’s no reason for it… Continue Reading Can I Change PCAs?

Caregiver’s Guide to Family Holiday Stress

December 7, 2022By Best CareHome Care, PCA Caregivers

No matter which holidays you’re celebrating this month, there’s bound to be travel, extra events and commitments, shopping and volunteering, and opportunities to reconnect with loved ones.  Here at Best Care, we treasure the moments we spend with our families at any time of year. But for those providing and receiving personal care services, the… Continue Reading Caregiver’s Guide to Family Holiday Stress