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Caregiver Tips for Buying Groceries on a Budget

January 25, 2024

Family caregivers juggle multiple responsibilities, and one of these tasks is often handling grocery shopping for home care recipients. With inflation and soaring food costs, it's become even more important to navigate buying groceries on a budget while ensuring nutritional value and affordability. 

How to Buy Groceries on a Budget

Let's review some tips for grocery shopping on a budget.

Tip 1: Create Meal Plans

Meal planning allows you to be strategic with your grocery list. You can avoid impulse buying, overbuying, and resorting to takeout meals when you only buy the ingredients needed for specific, pre-planned meals. Meal plans provide a clear road map when visiting the grocery store, helping reduce waste and save precious dollars. 

Tip 2: Choose Budget-Friendly Stores

Depending on where you live in Minnesota, it could be worth checking out budget-friendly stores for your grocery shopping. Remember, lower prices do not always mean lower quality! 

Many food staples can be found at very reasonable prices at stores like Aldi, Walmart, and Dollar stores. Switching to discount stores could cut the budget significantly without compromising on the quality of food you bring home. 

Tip 3: Shop for Deals

It's worth picking up store coupon sheets and watching advertised sales. Feel free to adjust your meal plan based on a great cut of meat at a reasonable price! 

Also, did you know that generic brands can offer the same quality as name brands? Generic brands provide considerable savings and help you stretch the food budget further. 

Tip 4: Revisit Your Grocery Budget Regularly

Speaking of the food budget, it's OK to adjust the budget based on current food prices. 

Even the most ardent coupon clippers have found that food prices are rising. If you're still working off a food budget that was created pre-COVID, consider revisiting the amount allocated and make sure it is realistic for what you need to buy. 

Tip 5: Buy in Bulk

Consider if particular food items make sense to buy in bulk. Is there a favorite cereal your home care recipient eats almost daily? Are there a handful of canned goods that are regularly rotated in the home pantry? 

Buy in bulk—mindfully. Items with a longer shelf life can be very economical when bought in larger quantities. 

While buying groceries on a budget can be tricky, it's achievable with some planning and smart strategies. And in these challenging times, remember that every little saving is a victory!

Want More Caregiving Resources?

At Best Care, we're here to help with all your questions related to family caregiving. Browse our blog for more resources or contact us directly for questions. Happy shopping!

Middle-age caregiver buying groceries on a budget.
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