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Easter Craft Ideas for Pediatric Home Care Recipients

April 15, 2022

Easter is a special time of year for families to gather together. You can also make the most of the season—even after the holiday—to maximize some behavioral and sensory benefits.

How Easter sensory activities can benefit children

Not only are Easter activities great fun, but they can also teach children valuable social skills and be a sensory dream for many children. In particular, children with autism can benefit from some specially-designed Easter games, especially if they tend to get overwhelmed in big group family celebrations. 

To help you celebrate this important day, here are a few fun Easter craft ideas for children.

Autism craft ideas

Making Easter baskets can be fun for the whole family. Think about including sensory objects like slime, fuzzy birds, hard-plastic eggs, and more. You know your child best, so think about what sounds, smells, and textures he or she likes the most.

Easter sensory activities will often include Easter egg hunts. To help your autistic child manage the excitement without getting overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to practice the hunt in advance, so your son or daughter knows what to expect. You could have a trial run in your private backyard ahead of time, especially if you’re heading out to an Easter egg hunt with a large group.

Easter activities for children of all ages

Easter brings the entire family together, so you’ll need to think of ways to include kids of all ages into the activities. When it comes to Easter egg hunt ideas for teens, you could make your clues slightly trickier than you would for an Easter egg hunt geared toward two-year-olds, for example. You'll also want to make sure that your eggs for younger kids aren’t hidden too far apart. If there’s too much time in between successful finds, they’ll simply get bored and lose interest!

If you’re a spiritual family, you’ll also want to celebrate Resurrection Sunday in a way that honors the significance of this important day in history. Teach your children about the true story behind Easter by crafting colorful crosses out of craft paper, learning about the symbolism of a lamb, rather than a bunny, and using puppets to illustrate Jesus Christ’s story to help the older kids learn and remember teachings from The New Testament. 

If you need any more tips or ideas on how to ensure your kids have the best time possible during the Easter holiday, including more ideas for low-sensory games and activities, don’t hesitate to contact us

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