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Home Care App Debuts Update that Allows for On-Demand PCA Services

January 21, 2019

The Homecare Timesheets mobile application will fill a growing need in the home care industry while combating fraud.


The Homecare Timesheets app is releasing an updated that will allow users to request PCA services on-demand in February of 2017. Similar to popular ridesharing applications, Homecare Timesheets will help those receiving home care services find a replacement personal care assistant quickly and confidently. The updated app also features user enhancements and additional services for its PCA time-tracking functionality as well as a paid subscription model. Best will debut his updated app on February 6th at a Healthcaremn event, 2017 Overview of Healthcare Innovation Projects in Minnesota.

On-demand PCA services are relatively new to the home care industry and typically are limited to the private pay world. The Homecare Timesheets app adheres to all relevant Minnesota laws and applies to those receiving home care services through Medicaid. Under the consumer directed model for in-home supportive services, the consumer is responsible for hiring, firing, and scheduling their personal care assistants. In addition to streamlining these administration duties, the Homecare Timesheets app allows individuals to self-staff when their PCA is absent. Home care recipients are able to set criteria for the personal care assistants or select specific in-home supportive services from any available worker at their home care agency.

Released in 2016, the Homecare Timesheets app is an electronic timekeeping system with PCA visit verification for those receiving home care services. Since launching, the application has run free pilot tests in Minnesota home care agencies of all sizes.

“Over the last year, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on the app from the pilot home care agencies in Minnesota,” said Andre Best, owner of the Homecare Timesheets app and Best Home Care; a Minnesota home care agency. “In addition to combating home care fraud, this update will address another growing issue of direct support professional and PCA shortages in Minnesota and throughout the country.”

For more information on the Homecare Timesheets application, contact Andre Best at andre@pcapartners.net or visit www.homecaretimesheetsapp.com.

About the Homecare Timesheets App:

The Homecare Timesheet app is designed to counter fraud within the home care industry while making it easier for those receiving PCA services to manage administrative tasks. Users of the app can easily track, bill for, and verify the amount of home care services they’ve received. A 2017 update now allows for paid subscriptions and an on-demand PCA services feature that allows users to self-staff and connect with caregivers instantly!

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