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February Craft Ideas for Seniors

February 15, 2022

One of the greatest threats to a senior’s emotional health is loneliness. Whether due to the loss of a spouse or being separated from other family members and friends - especially during the pandemic - many seniors spend their days alone. 

This loneliness can lead to depression and negatively impact a senior’s overall health. In fact, seniors are one of the most susceptible age groups to depression and emotional health problems.

Here’s the good news: There are many steps that family caregivers can take to help combat depression in seniors. February is a great opportunity to take a moment to show a senior that they are cared for!

Join Best Care as we work to share a little love with everybody receiving in-home supportive services this month. Here are some great Valentine-themed activities for seniors and fresh ideas for home care professionals to work into their home care plans this Valentine’s Day.

Easy Valentine's Day crafts for seniors

Not only are Valentine crafts for seniors fun and festive, they are also an easy way to decorate and brighten up their living space. Spend time creating love-themed decorations for the senior’s home or apartment. 

For example, buy some red and pink craft paper to make a string of cut out hearts to hang from the windows. To make it even easier, you can prepare heart-shaped stencils for your senior to cut around, if they have mobility or dexterity issues. This makes a great activity for an afternoon craft hour. Alternatively, festive decorations can be purchased from a local store.

Celebrate with family

For many seniors, seeing their family members in-person during the winter can be tough. Coordinate a time when family members can share their love via Skype or phone with their loved ones.

Plan some games for seniors ahead of time to keep the party going. For example, creating a memory box as a family can be a heart-warming activity to bring people together, and can be especially helpful for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Bake some Valentine’s Day treats

There is nothing better than sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. Help your senior recipient of care bake cookies or a cake, then decorate with holiday themed icing! These will also make great treats to bring to neighbors, friends, and family if you’re seeing people throughout the day.

The simplest gesture can make a huge impact for a senior home care patient. If you don’t have time for any of the above activities, a sincere card or flowers are another great option for sharing your love this February.

To learn more ways to combat depression and loneliness in seniors, contact Best Care today.

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