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How To Clock in EVV

Find information for caregivers about payroll, eligibility, and other needs for caregivers in home healthcare in MN.

How many hours can I work?

You may only work the number of hours per week you are authorized. For new employees refer to your start work letter to determine the number of hours available.

How can I get a copy of my check stub?

If you have direct deposit, you won’t receive a paper copy of your check stubs. You can go to the Paylocity website https://access.paylocity.com/. If you are a first time user, you will need to “Register New User”, Our Company number is 99514, and follow steps on Paylocity. Please keep in mind that All the verifying information has to match exactly with what is in Paylocity.

How do Holidays work?

We offer Holiday Pay if you work a holiday. You don’t get the day off, but if you work, you get paid time and a half. Holiday hours are limited to a client’s daily hours.

Holidays are: (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Memorial Day).

What should I do if I didn’t get paid? Or if I didn’t get my check?

If you haven’t received your paycheck, most likely, the reason is, we did not receive your timesheet on time, or at all. Contact us so we can verify we have your timesheets. If your check is lost in the mail, we may be able to issue a replacement depending upon how long it has been since the check was issued.

Who may submit timesheets?

Either the caregiver or the client may submit timesheets.

What activities should I check off on my timesheets?

You may only check off the activities the client your working with is approved to receive care for. Refer to your start work letter, if new employee or working with new client; for existing clients, refer to the care plan or assessment.

Can I work when the client is in the hospital?

No, you cannot continue to record time after a client is admitted to a hospital or facility. You can keep time up until they are admitted, and may resume keeping time once they are discharged. Please notify our office as soon as your client goes into the hospital or a care facility. Also please notify us when your client is discharged and send a copy of the discharge papers to our office by fax to 763.592.8262 or email to info@bestcaremn.com.

What are QP visits?

For PCA Traditional clients the QP visits at the start of service to create a care plan and conduct the pca orientation. Then the QP visits every 90 days the first year, and every 120 days the second year. For PCA Choice clients the QP visits every 180 days. *PCA’s who are 16 and 17 years old require supervision every 60 days regardless of program.

What if I move or change my phone number?

Notify our office right away if you change your phone number, email or mailing address. Anyone can help you update this. It is important that we keep our records up to date so we can communicate important information and updates.

What if my timesheets are late?

If your timesheets are turned in late (after week #2), according to our payroll calendar, they will not be paid on that scheduled payday, but will be paid on the next scheduled payday. You may request an emergency check by going to bestcarepayroll.com and filling out the form.

What is the care plan for?

The care plan was written by the client and sometimes with the help of our qualified professionals. (Nurse). The care plan lists what activities the client needs help with, and what to do to help the client in the best way. You should review the care plan if you have any questions about the client’s care.

How do I know if you received my timesheets?

If we do not receive your timesheet or if your timesheet has errors you will receive a text or a call depending on the circumstances. If you receive a call, contact us as soon as possible to see what weeks we are missing or that contain errors. You can also visit bestcaretimesheets.com to search by your employee number to see if we have your timesheet. Finally, you can contact our timesheet department at 763-710-2011.

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