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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Non-Medical Home Health Caregiver

May 31, 2012

Taking care of someone else is part of being alive and involved. Parents take care of children who grow up and take care of their own. With the advances in medicine and increase in longevity in the western world, the parents live longer. The middle generation, Generation X of today, now has to take care of both their children and their parents.

When things go off the track, when other aspects of life come into light, we, as human beings, are required to take care.

Being a caregiver is not an easy task. In cases of long term illness, chronic conditions and childhood syndromes, caregivers have experience in their specific needs. But what happens when our parents age? When they undergo hip replacement? When you yourself had a surgery? Planning ahead is going to save you money and a lot of heartache.

10 Reasons why you should hire a non-medical home health caregiver

  1. Most problems in recovering from surgery happen when we try to do too much too soon. Staying at home with a non-medical caregiver will provide help and comfort. Caregivers can do the shopping and the cooking.
  2. The non-medical caregiver alleviates the pressure from family member that has been traditionally the caregiver. A wife can spend quality time with her husband without having to wash him in the morning.
  3. A caregiver can keep aging parents at home longer. With someone helping with grocery shopping and cooking, with medications reminders and light house work, parents can stay independent, in their own home, longer.
  4. Caregivers provide companionship. Knowing that someone is coming will do wonders to the soul of a single person. Doctors have been talking endlessly about the importance of human interaction in the process of slowing aging and dementia.
  5. Caregivers can do whatever is needed with a short time care as well. Follow post-surgery instructions, remind about medication and escort to doctors.
  6. Caregiver from a reputable agency can spend as little as a few hours a day or a few times a week at the person's home.
  7. As the needs of the person change, so can the caregiver's. When a good agency is involved they will recommend a nurse service, increase or decrease the hours. Agencies will also provide a replacement when the main caregiver is sick or goes on vacation.
  8. Long time caregiving tends to lead to depression in the family member who suddenly has to give the extra care and bear the extra responsibility. Having a non-medical home health caregiver will remove some of the pressure of the caregiver and allow for some quality time instead.
  9. The peace of mind a caregiver provides extends to the whole family as well. Knowing that a loved one is taken care of, is a great comfort.
  10. Having a non-medical home health caregiver is not expensive. Compared with other solutions it is the most cost effective and comfortable method there is. Additionally, there may be no cost for people who are eligible for Medical Assistance.

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