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Amputation and Home Care Services

March 14, 2013

A person may have an amputation for a number of reasons, such as an accident, disease process such as diabetes, which may cause a sore on the foot to become infected and gangrenous requiring amputation. Other diseases such as peripheral vascular disease cause poor circulation to extremities, resulting in tissue death. This requires the need for an amputation in order for the client to stay healthy. Home care services help clients who have had an amputation live safely in their home.

Home Health Care Services

Team members of a home care service consists of a registered nurse, personal care assistant (PCA), social worker and physical therapist. In home care, the registered nurse is the team member who initially sees the client and carries out the admission process, which includes a health assessment. After completing the health assessment, she devises a care plan that all team members will follow. The registered nurse visits the client on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to check medications, address any health issues, change dressings if needed and carry out doctor orders. She also supervises the PCA to ensure the correct following of the care plan and collaborate with all team members on a monthly basis at Interdisciplinary Team Meetings (IDT). This is where the client's progress and any concerns are addressed. The physical therapist helps the client properly use a prosthesis and strengthen upper body muscles if they had a leg amputation.

Personal Care Services

The PCA spends the most time of all team members with the client. She provides personal care services such as assisting with bathing, light housekeeping, cooking and grocery shopping. The PCA might also have the responsibility of taking the client on errands and to medical appointments. She reminds clients when to take their medications and ensures that they are eating healthy meals throughout the day. The PCA relays information to the registered nurse on a regular basis.

Home health care services help a client with an amputation live a safe, healthy and productive life. The support system helps to give the client a positive sense of well-being which boosts self-esteem and helps to prevent depression.

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